5 steps to optimize your brand in search

5 steps to optimize your brand in search
Mar 2023

5 steps to optimize your brand in search

In paid search, your most effective and cost-effective strategy should be to leverage your own valuable brand equity. Your online brand space is where you should be most confident at securing transactional web traffic associated with your products or services.

Your brand is constantly under attack in paid search from businesses and brands freeloading on your brand equity, bidding on your brand terms, and using your brand name and trademarks in their ad copy. These brand crashers are driving up your brand CPCs and syphoning off customers.

In this guide, Adthena shows you how to easily monitor and take action against trademark infringements, prevent partners and affiliates from cannibalizing clicks, and save money on terms you're already winning organically. Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download the Brand Crashers: 5 Steps to Optimize Your Brand in Search.

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